Hi. I’m Dr. Bob Acton

A number of years ago panic and anxiety unexpectantly arrived in my life and almost wrecked me. I tried everything I could think of (I’m a Psychologist so I should know some things) but not much worked. Then I finally discovered the “cure”, so to speak. And it wasn’t medication, counselling, or reading a hundred books. Now… anxiety free. And what a relief.

I know that change is hard to start and maintain. No silly cliches here about find your passion. Instead I'll show you how to use small, meaningful and practical steps. Master those and take back your life.
I help you get what you want quickly. I've integrated very good scientifically proven techniques and common sense to help you achieve your goals fast. Designed to help you use them at the pace you can manage.
I give away most of our ideas for free. Anybody who is feeling bad needs ideas right away to get out of their habit rut. And if you are ready to make difference now you can work with me or any of our outstanding coaches.

Sure, I’ve got all the credentials (PhD in Clinical Psychology) and trained a lot of professionals. Presented papers. On faculty at a medical school.

Worked with thousands of people.

But after talking to many people I know you don’t want some fancy theory about your challenges. Nobody does.

You want realistic and practical resources to help things change.

Change? Oh yes… if you are ready for change then you’re in the right spot!

We are all about change.

So listen to the podcast, join the Feel Fantastic Now! community if you want change in your life. We won’t waste your time and energy.

If you are ready to see free information from me that contain important ways you can start to get your life back. Then sign up to get your life back.

My information will show you how to…

Use small actions (I call them microshifts) to multiply your mood, mental and physical performance 100x.

Create new habits for yourself to build self-confidence and beat procrastination.

Overcome your inner fears and actually follow through on what you set out to do.

Some simple facts about Dr. Bob

I’ve been happily married to Barb for over 30 years. I’ve got one great son, Tom.

I love dogs & have a goofy yellow Labrador named Jazz.

I’m a potter & gardener (I’m a little obsessed with growing tomatoes).

I’m a bad guitar & piano player & I love fishing (& I catch a few).