Thank you TEAM!

To all the people who have taught me

I want to thank all the people who have helped me get better at what I do.

  • Thousands of clients who have taught me how to be humble and how to be grateful. To understand the pain of emotional problems and how to conquer the pain and live a healthy and vigorous life.
  • Hundreds of colleagues who have shared outstanding ideas, techniques and approaches to help people feel better
  • My teachers. Particularly Dr. Roy Cameron, Dr. Roger Martin and Dr. Dan Rogers.
  • My wife, a Psychologist as well, Barb Blakemore, who has taught me more than anybody. She’s a great person.

Patrick Fincham – Web Designer

My web designer Patrick Fincham who operates Montreal Graphic Design. He does very good work. If you need a graphic designer or a web designer check him out, I’d recommend him.

Lourika Reinders – Photographer

Lourika provided some some of the main images on the website. She is a fantastic photographer and I’d suggest you check her out for some great professional work. She’s from Namibia (I must visit sometime).

Tom Acton – Videographer

Tom, my son, operates New Path Influence, and he has been super helpful with many aspects of the build.

Fran Matthews – Social Media and Project Coordinator

Fran coordinates all the social media and coordinates our special projects.

Bob Doble – Audio Engineer

Bob Doble was an Audio Engineer with CBC Radio in Canada for many years. He continues to teach at the Banff Centre. He has been extremely helpful with the podcast and teaching me some basics about audio. Couldn’t have done it without him. Bob does the engineering for the podcast.