Empowered Eating for Healthy Bodies and Happy Minds

An Interview with Cynthia Stadd In Episode #39 Dr. Bob interviews Cynthia Stadd, founder of the Empowered Eating. Cynthia is a leading professional in eating psychology and empowerment coaching. Her approach is grounded in personal experience, as she herself has struggled with weight, compulsive eating and chronic health concerns. With [...]

Resilience: Who Are You Hanging Out With? The 5th session on Emotional Energy in the Series on Resilience

Are The People In Your Life a Source of Resilience or Adversity?In episode #37 Dr. Bob talks about how the people that we have in our life are critical to our success. Who we associate with can be a tremendous amount of support or a set of disasters in our lives themselves. [...]

Resilience: Are You an Accidental Bully? The 4th session on Emotional Energy in the Series on Resilience

How To Turn Negative Emotional Energy Into Positive Emotional EnergyIn episode #36 Dr. Bob talks about how we can be so hard on ourselves that we actually create an accidental bully in our mind. While this will make depression, stress and anxiety worse, he outlines three practical steps to raise [...]